Certified Groomer

Your pets love the attention of friends and family. And friends and family really appreciate an animal that smells good and feels good. This comes from regular baths and proper grooming.

If you have ever tried to bath your pet at home, you know what a challenge it can be. Patience and a love for the animals is a hallmark of a great Groomer. You can always tell when your pet has had a great experience at the Groomers by the way they greet the Groomer when you drop them off. This is from developing a relationship with the animals and caring about their needs during the experience.

Clip-N & Groom-N began in 2006 as a bathing and grooming salon for dogs. In 2007, I received my clipping and grooming certification.

Give us a try, you and your pet will enjoy the results.

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Lagotto RomagnoloThis year I have accomplished & become a LAGOTTO RAMAGNOLO specialist. Lagotto means lake dog and this is a wonderful Italian water dog that normally is bred to hunt truffles. There are only about 1000 in the entire United States, and I personally know a breeder here in Northern California that usually spits about 1-2 litters per year. So having shared that, I’m VERY excited to have gotten the grooming knowledge to be able to give these amazing dogs and their owners a salon that they can come to and know that they will be in a professional’s hand!